North Camp Matters Community Association ( NCMCA ) was set up many years ago to benefit the whole community within North Camp Village.

NCMCA regularly organise public meetings for residents with many different professional bodies, such as the fire brigade to give a talk on fire safety in the home, to meetings with Councillors so they could take questions from residents. These meetings continue to this day.

In recent years, the use of modern technology such as Facebook and a website has helped NCMCA to pass on information to residents and for residents to engage in conversations with the community.

NCMCA realised that not everybody has social media so they created a Community window within Camp Road, for everybody to enjoy and to get valuable Local information.

NCMCA organise yearly Events for residents to meet each other and to get know each other, which builds a happy community.

The main events NCMCA organise are the Summer Fair and Winter Pantomime. Many believe these events are organised by the council, but are solely organised and run by the NCMCA team.

Money that gets raised by NCMCA, goes back into the Community

New Church Window
Defibrillator, open to all in Camp Road
Cycle Security Parking in the centre of Camp Road

NCMCA donated nearly 100 Plastic barriers for the use of Fernhill School, during covid restrictions.

With Donations to Local schools, Local organisations, Local residents and many other worth while causes, North Camp Matters Community Association make a real difference to the lives of people who live, work and play in and around North Camp Village.